Born in Brooklyn, of Italian immigrant parents, Miriam spent the majority of her life in New York. She recently moved to Key West, Florida where the writing community is very active. Miriam has just completed her first novel, In a Vertigo of Silence.

Miriam's love for words began in the fourth grade, when she won a school competition for her story, The Magic Hat. At the age of fifteen she revised her children's story and sent it along to Simon and Schuster. She says, "When I received my first glowing rejection slip from Simon and Schuster, on their neatly-typed official letterhead, I was exhilarated. I felt the beginnings of what it could be like to be an author."

The year before John Gardner's untimely death, Miriam attended a lecture at a local university in New York where Gardner was the keynote speaker. When she approached him, he asked her to send him a story. That weekend, she sat down and wrote a short story. Six months later, John Gardner wrote her a letter: "You write brilliantly - your character's are vivid and real, and your language is superb..." A Matter of Difference, intended for a literary magazine, was later published in Playgirl Magazine.

Through the years Miriam published short stories and poetry in various literary magazines. She won a Pen Syndicated Fiction Award, and her story Sophia's Cat was published in a number of newspapers across the country. She was recently awarded the 11th annual Robert Frost Poetry Contest for her poem First Born.